About Us

DM-ElixirCare sister concern company, DM Pharma, a GMP-WHO Pharmaceutical manufacturing, was established in 2005 in India. By 2014, the company had set up four new manufacturing units to keep up with the rising demand from domestic and global clientele, which includes top pharmaceutical companies. 

The company had expanded its portfolio with over 250 products, which include drugs, nutritional supplements, and Ayurvedic verticals in India and beyond. 


DM ElixirCare is established to provide premium health supplements and beauty products available in the Indian market. The motivation for developing the company came from the lack of quality Health Supplements in the Indian market.

DM ElixirCare, with its partner manufacturing unit, ensured transparency and quality compliance to be the heart of the company. The company is committed to achieving high standards of safety and quality, which starts from the process of procuring raw materials from all over the world.

DM ElixirCare tries to balance between profit and purpose by maintaining high standards of environmental and social performance, legal accountability, and transparency.


Our Strength

 Innovative solutions

Our product development team works tirelessly to develop products that will benefit consumers. Through the innovation curve, more solutions continue to be developed, and innovation is our key differentiator.

 Promoting sustainable practices for the community

Promoting sustainable practices for the community. DM ElixirCare  sources products from various small and medium enterprises, which enables to create employment and spur growth in communities. It will continue to embrace fair trade practices as it aims at enhancing the Moves of communities around the globe.

 Safe and high-quality products

Quality assurance is part of every product development, and it starts with the procurement of raw materials. DM ElixirCare  utilizes certified and highly potent extracts to use standardized packaging and have a trusted supply chain that ensures the safe delivery of products to the consumers. 

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