Top Herbal Cough Syrup Brands in India

Top Herbal Cough Syrup Brands in India - When you have an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI), Cough medicines are commonly bought to treat coughs. Cough syrups are available for distinctive cough types such as syrups for dry cough, and those for a chesty cough. These cough syrups work effectively and suppress a dry cough, and if you are also probing around for the best cough syrups, then swipe down to check out the top herbal cough syrup brands in India.

Top Herbal Cough Syrup Brands in India

To treat various cough symptoms 40% of the world population use cough syrup, these tonics are widely used by the majority of people. Cough syrup is used as a reliever, suppressant, or mucus thinner. People do buy these medicine either prescribed or OTC (Over the Counter).

Advantages of Herbal Cough Syrup

  • Induces sleep - By restricting signals from triggering cough reflexes, a dextromethorphan cough syrup affects brain receptors. With the intake of these herbal cough syrup, one can have easy to sleep benefit. The most commonly used cough syrup ingredients are DM and Pholcodine to treat patients with insomnia.

  • Availability in Abundance - An easily accessed drug for cough and other associated symptoms, codeine-based cough syrups, are well known all around the world. Many medical practitioners consider it as an effective and instant cure to cough, sold as over the counter cough medicine.

  • Effective Combination with Placebo - Medication of cough syrups combined with Placebo delivers effective results, as there is no proven cure to cough and cold infections, on a patient suffering from cold and cough-like symptoms. These days, a wide range of cough suppressants are available these medicines suppress brain functions (using numbing agents), enhance cough, as well as acts as bronchodilator syrups.

Top Herbal Cough Syrup Brands in India

DM Honey Syrup

With powerful ingredients like honey and tulsi, DM- Honey is ayurvedic cough syrup. Containing honey, DM-Honey is herbal cough syrup. Along with the addition of Sunthi which is well known for elevating immunity and help you recover from cold and throat irritation. Does he have some sore throat bronchitis and lower your blood pressure to reduce stress. While Mulethi cleans your respiratory tract, boost your immune system, and it also has an anti-inflammatory property.
Top Herbal Cough Syrup Brands in India
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Baidyanath Bhringrajasava

Among the brands preparing ayurvedic medications, baidyanath is one of the leading and best brands for herbal cough syrups. For treating cold, cough, and bronchial diseases, the Bhringrajasava is an expectorant and is very helpful. With pipal, haritaki, cloves, bhringaraj, jaggery, chaturjat and dhaataki, this cough syrup has been prepared.

Top Herbal Cough Syrup Brands in India

Zandu Zef's Cough Syrup

For cough and cold, Zandu Zefs is a natural expectorant. With the intake of this cough syrup one can also get rid of inflammatory catarrhal conditions, smoker’s cough etc.

Top Herbal Cough Syrup Brands in India

Hamdard Joshina

Consists of extracts of seven herbs, Joshina cough syrup by Hamdard is another effective cough syrup. This herbal medicine for cough is a perfect formula for getting relief from bronchitis, cold and cough.

Top Herbal Cough Syrup Brands in India

Dabur Honitus

Under the herbal syrup banner, Dabur Honitus cough syrup is one of the well-known cough syrup brands. Without any side-effects, it quickly relief from cold and cough with its effective working. The cough syrup is honey-based. It combines the goodness of tulsi, banapsha and mulethi.

Top Herbal Cough Syrup Brands in India

Himani Fast Relief Cough Syrup

Himani Fast Relief Cough Syrup while slowly building body’s natural immunity, helps to relieve the cough and cold symptoms. . Malabar nut helps in releasing the cough.
Top Herbal Cough Syrup Brands in India

Wrapping Up

Mentioned above are the Top Herbal Cough Syrup Brands in India, that works quite effectively when it comes to treating cough conditions. The power of natural herbs treats the issue completely, and its special; herbs ensure to boost the immunity level. To get rid of dry and chesty cough check out these amazing herbal syrups, and pick the best one.

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