Best Medicine To Boost Platelet Count

Best Medicine to Boost Platelet Count – Platelets are responsible for promoting clotting to prevent serious bleeding.The human body maintains platelet blood cells in a certain amount to smoothen routine operations. What if platelets drop below the lower limit? Thankfully, there are plenty of medications and natural solutions to deal with the situation. This is to expose the best medicines to improve platelet count.

Best Medicine to Boost Platelet Count

What are Platelet cells?

It seems appropriate to dwell on what the platelet cells are and their importance in the human body.Biologically, the human body has plenty of types of cells in the blood with unique functions to perform. As we know, the human blood contains white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.

As per platelet cells, these cells come to enhance blood clotting.Let’s analyze an example to understand the affair.Whenever we have a cut or damage to the blood vessels, blood starts to flow outside. This is where platelet cells come to the force. They get together and strive to plug the damage through blood clotting. Hence, these cells are crucial in preventing severe blood loss.

On average, the count of platelet cells in healthy human blood ranges between 1.5 lac and 4 lacs in each microliter of blood. In case the number is lower than 1.5 lac, this situation is called thrombocytopenia. Similarly, it is known as thrombocytosis when the number goes above 4 lacs.

How to Increase Platelet Cells Naturally?

Platelet cells remain in the optimum amount in a healthy physique. One should follow a healthful lifestyle and a balanced diet to keep crucial cells in a fine tone. However, there might be conditions when the platelet count falls drastically and cause severe health issues.

When it comes to increasing the number of platelet cells, it appears to be an intricate task to grow the number and exercise may not be a worthy stunt alone. Under viral fever and dengue fever conditions, you need relevant medical solutions to improve the count of platelets.

Otherwise, affected persons can add the following foods to the diet plan:

  • Milk
  • Papaya Leaf Extract
  • Pumpkin
  • Wheatgrass
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Pomegranate
  • Pineapple
  • Tomatoes
  • Mangoes

Best Medicines to Boost Platelet Count

When a natural diet fails to deliver satisfactory results in severe health conditions, medicines and supplements come to the role. The markets are loaded with plentiful brands offering branded and generic medications to restoreuneven platelet cell count.

This section aims to introduce you to some of the best medicines to enhance platelet cells count.Explore the following headings to learn further.

DM-Plet Capsule

It is an ayurvedic formula with multiple herbal ingredients to secure a healthy tone for the body. DM-Plet is a marvelous combination of caric papaya leaf extract, tinospora cordifolia, goat milk powder, and pomegranate.

DM-Plet adopts the capsule shape. It is a nice blend of natural herbs that are capable of keeping the metabolism balanced. Moreover, capsules improve immunity and increase platelet count incredibly. The medicine is also highly-result-driven against criticalconditions such as typhoid, dengue, malaria, and viral fever. It alleviates joint pain and swelling as well.

Best Medicine to Boost Platelet Count

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Platimax Tablets

On the list, we find Platimax tablets to snatch the next spot due to highly-effective prepartiesfor platelet blood cells. It hosts Carica Papaya leaf extract that further incorporates papain. Papain is a proteolytic enzyme that is capable of digesting non-living proteins.

Furthermore, papaya leaf is another proficient ingredient that helps you digest protein, fats and carbohydrates. It also shows interest to fight ulcers. Overall, Platimax is a promising solution to improve imbalanced platelets and the immune system.

Best Medicine to Boost Platelet Count

Platifit Tablet

Platelets are crucial for overall health.Therefore, it must need to be in the required amount of number to keep smoother functioning. Platifit tablets are helpful when it comes to boosting platelet blood cells in the body. It avoids the demolition of platelets to further solidify the immunity.

Platifit tablets are great to treat thrombocytosis and thrombocytopenia conditions. It also nurtures white blood cells and bone marrow cells. Dengue, typhoid, swine flu are some other areas of expertise.

Best Medicine to Boost Platelet Count

Trumcard Capsules

With Colostrum as an active ingredient, Trumcard capsules tend to be an efficient solution against reduced platelet cells.It improves the immune system and absorption of nutrients in the human body. Moreover, Trumcard also promotes healthy gastrointestinal function.

Best Medicine to Boost Platelet Count

The Bottom Line

A low count of platelet cells can be worrisome. It may begetseveral chronic diseases and other harmful concerns. Therefore, you must be cautious about your platelet status to avoid issues.

Opting for natural philosophies to enhance platelet cells is a considerable thought. However, it may not work under harsh medical conditions.Alternatively, you can switch to the best medicine to boost platelet countto get things in the normal frame.

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