Ayurvedic Remedies To Treat Constipation

Ayurvedic Remedies to Treat Constipation – Ayurvedic has answers to all health concerns. It is highly potent to treat mild to severe health complications through natural herbs and therapies.This blog talks about herbal remedies to treat constipation.The troublesome condition can be tackled down using effective natural ingredients without side effects.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Treat Constipation

Constipation is truly intricating.It also has the potential to affect someone’s life critically if not cured on time.So, before we proceed to the treatment section,let’s cover some lines about constipation and its harmful effects etc.

When a person is unable to pass stools or bowel movements become hard and infrequent, this condition is called constipation. It can occur due to plenty of reasons such as consuming a specific food item, side effects of medication, shifting toa new place and any digestive problem.

In the current era, constipation is a common health issue. Around 22% of the Indian population suffers from this complication, as per the latest study.A person encountering constipation may have pimples, headache,abdominal distention, bloating, acidity, and insufficient sleep. It also leads to stress that can turnserious with time.

Role of Ayurveda in Constipation

Thankfully,Ayurveda disseminates aqualitative approach to treat constipation.According to Ayurvedic health treatment systems,constipation occurs due to Vata disorders. The Vata dosha is responsible for balancing the movement by removing wastages from the body.

In the event when Vata dosha gets disturbed, it starts affecting the whole biological system. Some of the common factors to influence Vata dosha include stress, alcohol, cold weather, dehydration, unhygienic food, certain medications, and hormonal irregularities.Ayurveda features natural treatment ideologies to help you overcome the painful situation without developing any side effects.

When an individualhas a day without a bowel movement, it can be indeed upsetting and worrisome. The modern-age lifestyle also has encouraged the problem to a large degree. Regular junk food consumption, smoking, alcohol drinking, over-eating are some general causes of constipation. One should exercise daily alongside eating a balanced diet to keep bowel movements smooth.

Effective Ayurvedic Remedies to Treat Constipation at Home

Well, Ayurveda suggests scads of herbal solutions to cure constipation at home. Solutions involve naturalherbs and ingredients that work excellently, both individually and in a mixture. Let’s dive right in.


It isn’t nonsense.Drinking water is one of the simplest and most effective remedies to treat constipation.How? Dehydration is a common cause of constipation.Therefore, the patient must drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid constipation.


Next to hit the list is Triphala.It is a highlyeffective formulation, including three fruits such as Bhibhitaki, Amalaki and Haritaki. Triphala is also home to glycosides and other laxative properties to treat constipation. One can consume it in powder or capsule form.

Milk and Ghee

Fond of drinking milk before sleep? Here’s something for you. A person can drink a cup of hot or lukewarm milk after adding two teaspoons of ghee before going to bed. It is one of the impactful remedies to ease bowel movements. It also supports Vata and pitta constitutions.


A great thing to improve the digestive system is Anjeer, also known as figs. It delivers quicker relief from constipation when you consume Anjeer soaked in warm water. It is a rich source of fibercontent that also works incredibly for constipation in kids.

Liquorice Root

Also known as Mulethi, it is another good way to release bowel movements. A patient can take a teaspoon of Liquorice root in the powder shape. Moreover, you can also consume it with a cup of warm water after adding a teaspoon of jaggery. Mulethi promotes your bowel activity.

Lemon Water

Being a citric acid formation, lemon juice encourages the digestive system and removes toxins from the body. The natural ingredient for constipation relief works marvelously when you take a glass of lemon juice in the morning.


Dalia is a stunning source of magnesium, plant protein and other valuable vitamins. It helps an individual get rid of constipation effectively. The superfood is also known as cracked wheat; one must add to the diet to prevent multiple health complications.

Sesame Oil

Moreover, sesame oil can also be considered to treat constipation. It smoothens the passing of hard or dry stools. The oil composition also nourishes intestines and keeps them moisturized. One can add sesame oil to the constipation treatment regime to capture productive results.

The Final Thought
Constipation is truly a painful condition.Thankfully,Ayurvedahouses effective solutions and remedies to treat constipation. It is one of the oldest healthcare prospectsaround the world to heal human health using natural and ayurvedic herbs. Hopefully, the discussion about ayurvedic remedies to treat constipationmight be a great helpfor persons having constipation. The above-mentioned ingredients treat constipation without side effects

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